Towny is our main server on our network.  It is a community-based economy server focused on using Towns to build with your friends.  Anyone who joins the server can make a town once they have played enough to save up money for the purchase.

   You can gain money in several ways:  Voting for the server, Killing mobs, or making player shops in the wilderness or in our server mall.  Once you have collected enough, find some land and mark your claim using Towny.
   You can invite new players or your friends to come live with you in the area of your choosing.  Claiming land for town protects it from all forms of griefing so build in peace knowing you will not lose your things.
   Towny also has McMMO and a Skyblock world available for gameplay.
Towny is currently running in 1.9 and you can join us at
Online Andromeda Towny
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