Monster is a ModPack put together by the Feed-the-beast Team.  It is a highly machine based pack with a little dash of magic mixed in.  It comes loaded with some of the more popular Mods such as Industrial Craft 2 experimental, Buildcraft, Tinkers Construct, Thaumcraft 4, Thermal Expansion 3, and many more.

  Our Monster server has quite a few things to keep you interested beyond the normal modpack.  We use Grief Prevention and Lockette to help keep your items and builds safe from griefers.  Along with banning several more desctructive items that bypass these protections.

  We have a seperate, resetting world for Quarry's and Arcane Bore's to be ran, and we also have a special shop to cash in points you earn for daily voting.
You can download the FTB launcher at
Once you have the launcher installed, choose the 1.1.2 version of Monster and launch.
After the pack installs, you can join us at
Please look here for instructions on how to get this module to work correctly.