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heidi has been one of our more dedicated members over the years! He has achieve staff ranks and always tries to help others when he can!
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Hello everyone!

I have your February top voters for you today:

In 1st place we have mcnavidad with 215 votes. He will be rewarded with 200 vote points.

In 2nd place we have kevyajor with 175 votes. He will be rewarded with 150 vote points.

In 3rd place we have zarathaen with 158 votes. He will be rewarded with 100 vote points.

In 4th place we have rosefredricks with 109 votes. He will be rewarded with 50 vote points.

In 5th place we have mnemonides with 106 votes. He will be rewarded with 50 vote points.

This has been a great month for voting. Lets keep this up to try bring more new people to the network to help expand it.

Happy voting everyone,


Today we have a new pack going into beta on the server, DireWolf20. This pack is currently whitelisted so it can be tested. If you want to be whitelisted @me on discord with @Heidi and i will whitelist you when I can. This pack is running on the FTB/Twitch launcher and is on the recommended version. If you notice any problems with perms or anything just drop a message in the fourms and we will look into it. Have a good day,


HardInf has had a couple of changes today. The first one is that world anchors and personal anchors can no longer be placed, but can still be crafted. If you have made one of these with the intention of using it to load chunks please message an admin and they will give you a passive anchor. The world anchor will be taken from you once you have the passive anchor. The second change is the amount of time an ender pearl will keep the passive anchor running. The default is set to 12 hours, so i decided to change this to 1 hour so they cant be abused easily. If it comes to the point where ender pearls aren't a problem to obtain I will change the item required to power it aswell.

--Miner change, ender pearl time is set to 4 hours per pearl, and the personal and passive anchor are both enabled.


TetraTerezi im cool with nerfing just 12 hours down to one hour was a bit much muh good dude. cool cool
[Admin] heidihohoho a I can up the time they load for if you like, maybe 3 hours? I am nerfing them know because when people get end game they...
deathreaper9000 why are you nerfing. its not like many people play. and no resources to load like even 100 chunks......

Towny point shop is now up to date with commands for luckperms. The shop should now register your purchase when you are online or will register it when you log in. If you have any problems with the vote perks not working drop a message in the fourms or on discord and we will try to fix it. Please remember that the purchase can take a few minutes to process, it is not instant all of them time.


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Vote Daily for Points to use in our Point Shop!

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Could we update DW20 to v1.11? It updates a bunch of mods, and might improve our abyssmal tps
Hello Cindy, what is causing minecraft to not work or do you not know?
DireWolf20 should be set to auto restart, not sure why its not. I will ask joey.
Hey guys, it's been awhile. Finally feeling the minecraft itch again and pumped about the direwolf server! Wondering though if it's set up to auto-restart? Block lag has been pretty bad since last night.
Need help getting minecraft to work got a new computer
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