"Have fun and stay safe out there!! :) " - BevoLJ

Come play the custom Modpack compiled by YouTuber BevoLJ, hosted by Andromeda Network!

From the Bevo's Tech Pack website:

"1.7.10 Modded Techpack with Railcraft, TE4, MFR, AE2, Buildcraft 6, Big Reactors, Forestry, IC2, Mekanism 7, Open Block, Tinkers, PneumaticCraft, Galacticraft and many others."

We currently host the Full 1.17.10 build, which is loaded from the ATLauncher, which can be found at https://www.atlauncher.com.

Once you have the ATLauncher installed, and Bevo's Tech Pack loaded, come join us at:


Offline Andromeda C-Team
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