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Hello everyone!

We have once again released another server! Please join us on the FTB Revelations Server at play.an-mc.net:25551 using version 2.6.0.

This modpack has many of the traditional favorites such as AE2, IC2, Thaumcraft, and more. The pack seems rather stable, but seems to be a memory hog (we've been dedicating 6-8gb on our clients to play).

As of now, there's no banned blocks or much of a spawn so don't hold that against us! 

We hope to see you around!

Big changes are in progress, to reduce our operating costs for the network. Unfortunately we just don't get the donations like we used to, five or so years ago. Our server hardware remains at a steady $1000 a year, while the website and the vote for points system is an additional $300 a year on top of that.
(If it weren't for me being willing to pay whatever is necessary out of my own pocket to keep this all going, everything would have shut down in 2016. A big THANK YOU for anyone who has been helping us out and continuing to donate.)
I am now trying to reduce costs for the website down to zero if possible, but this means we must sacrifice features we have all come to enjoy over the years. Voting and the point shop will still work on our main Towny Minecraft, but for any of the other Minecrafts, the point shop will not work automatically anymore.
If you spend vote points on any server other than Towny, or if you buy the Cosmic rank, you are going to have to ask a staff member to manually give you what you have purchased.
If no one is online in the game to assist you, please contact me directly via messaging on the website here, or to my email at dmahalko@gmail.com

[OWNER] JesseWayne21 a We try to keep the most active and popular servers. Make sure we know what you want and we try to provide it. Also make ...
TetraTerezi im still on a laptop that has sad processor so
spirelli91 Curious as well regarding updates. I've been hesitant to play InfHard as it could be removed whenever. I'd lov...

New server

[Admin] heidihohoho a posted Aug 26, 18

Hello everyone,

As part of the network restructuring we have decided to make a new vanilla server. This vanilla server is running on the Minecraft version 1.13.1 with the IP play.an-mc.net:25570. This server is running with a fresh new map. This server is still in beta and may have bugs, so let us know if you encounter any. We hope you enjoy! :)


TetraTerezi fly is unavailable on the vanilla server, is this a feature or a bug?

Hello everyone,

Myself and some of the other admins/owners have been talking about where to go with the network next. We have decided that a restructuring of the network is due. This will result in servers that arent active enough being taken down to be replaced with newer and more active servers. This will be a good time to go onto the servers you played on to take screenshots of builds that you want to keep a memory of so you dont lose them. We are hoping to get things running again and building the playerbase back to the same way it was when Andromeda was at its peak.

Certain servers will be more likely to be removed than others. The ones that will be more likely to be removed are,

Regrowth, Hermit, Infinity Hard Mode and Hexxit. 

We hope you guys agree with us in the way we want to move forward with this to try and get our old network back. We are open to suggestions from the playerbase that we already have to help get things done faster and better.

This is currently all we have as of now, we will keep you guys posted on what is going on. Have a good day :)


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