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Rejoice! Infinity is up-to-date!

FTB Infinity Evolved (both Normal and Hard mode) has been brought fully up to date, from version 2.6 to version 3.0.2. You can update Twitch to use the most recent version now.

Looking into refreshing Hexxit

It's been a looooong time since Hexxit had a world refresh. We are looking into doing a reset of the End, the Nether, the Twilight Forest, and the Adventure world. Only the Build world where your home/base should be located, would stay the same. 

To ease the transition, the old dimensions would be renamed and still be accessible via warps for a couple months, and then eventually removed.

Also all players will be moved to the spawn, in case you last logged out in one of the refreshed dimensions.

Ozone 2 is being retired

A problem has developed that is preventing it from running properly. Due to the large amounts of duct tape and chicken wire needed to keep 1.7.10 modpacks going, this is not a surprising development.

C-Team is being retired

This pack has not seen much activity, and so it is silly to keep it going using our limited CPU and memory, with nobody using it. It's better to close C-Team and make room for something else that would be more interesting to players.

Plawerth is a derp

While doing the big server project in August, it appears Plawerth made a huge dumb mistake with voting, and votes have not been recorded properly for approximately the last two months.

If you voted, your votes did actually appear on the voting sites, but the Andromeda website has not been tracking the votes and so the monthly counter hasn't been keeping score.

Please, let us know if you don't receive in-game rewards when you vote. Note that sometimes there can be a delay of minutes to hours before votes are counted, which we cannot control.

Website renewal is coming up soon

In about two weeks, we need to pay the annual bill for the website. For the June server bill, Plawerth paid about $450 of that by himself, and for the website renewal, Plawerth will likely be paying about $270 of that too.

Your donations do matter and help us keep this place running. Even just a donation of $5 helps us. All donations are solely used to pay for servers and hosting. We do not and have never made a "profit".

We want your input

This community is here for you. If there are any other self-hosted multiplayer games or Minecraft modpacks you would like to see us hosting, please let us know.

RoseFredricks 1. The website is still borked for me ;-; 2. FTB Infinity version 3.x has HQM quests enabled. Are we going to have them ...

Hello everyone!

Before it's too late, I would like to announce our top voters for June:

1st Place: mcnavidad with 230 votes

2nd Place: tseegno with 127 votes

3rd Place: senorocelot with 105 votes

Hey wait, arn't those the same winners from last time? Thank you to everyone for voting! Remember that voting helps our server get noticed so that more players can join us!

Hello everyone!

Everyone has been very lazy busy lately with real life stuff and no one has had the time to make a post about the top voters until I did them myself now. We didn't forget about them!

First off, let us begin with announcing the April top voters:

1st Place: mcnavidad with 232 votes

2nd Place: tseegno with 189 votes

3rd Place: senorocelot with 146 votes

Now let's move on to May's top voters:

1st Place: mcnavidad with 236 votes

2nd Place: heidihohoho with 174 votes

3rd Place:  tseegno with 157 votes

Thank you everyone for voting! The winners will recieve bonus vote points to use in our point shop. 


March Top Voters!

[OWNER] Plawerth a posted Apr 23, 17

Thank you to everyone who voted in March! Here are the winners for the month:

  • 1st place: McNavidad with 215 votes, awarded 200 bonus points.
  • 2nd place: Tseegno with 153 votes, awarded 150 bonus points.
  • 3rd place: SenorOcelot with 130 votes, awarded 100 bonus points.

Also while checking the vote logs, I see someone had difficulty with the vote system. Please remember to spell your minecraft username exactly the way it is in the game. Proper capitalization of each letter is also important.

  • 7 votes, for username jords12
  • 6 votes, for username Jords12

There is no one named jords12 so those points were not properly counted by the vote system. I am therefore giving 7 points to Jords12 to correct this. Please try to be more careful in the future.

Vote Daily for Points to use in our Point Shop!
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Open all voting links with just one click!

Vote Daily for Points to use in our Point Shop!

Your Minecraft account HAS to be linked to your Enjin Account for the In-Game Rewards! Follow the instructions here: https://goo.gl/xWNcGz

Server Lists
  • Minecraft-MP.com
  • MinecraftList.org
  • hexxitservers.com
  • serverpact.com
  • MC-Servers.com
  • ftbservers.com
  • Minecraftservers.org
  • Planet Minecraft
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