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Hello everyone!

Before it's too late, I would like to announce our top voters for June:

1st Place: mcnavidad with 230 votes

2nd Place: tseegno with 127 votes

3rd Place: senorocelot with 105 votes

Hey wait, arn't those the same winners from last time? Thank you to everyone for voting! Remember that voting helps our server get noticed so that more players can join us!

Hello everyone!

Everyone has been very lazy busy lately with real life stuff and no one has had the time to make a post about the top voters until I did them myself now. We didn't forget about them!

First off, let us begin with announcing the April top voters:

1st Place: mcnavidad with 232 votes

2nd Place: tseegno with 189 votes

3rd Place: senorocelot with 146 votes

Now let's move on to May's top voters:

1st Place: mcnavidad with 236 votes

2nd Place: heidihohoho with 174 votes

3rd Place:  tseegno with 157 votes

Thank you everyone for voting! The winners will recieve bonus vote points to use in our point shop. 


March Top Voters!

[OWNER] Plawerth ao posted Apr 23, 17

Thank you to everyone who voted in March! Here are the winners for the month:

  • 1st place: McNavidad with 215 votes, awarded 200 bonus points.
  • 2nd place: Tseegno with 153 votes, awarded 150 bonus points.
  • 3rd place: SenorOcelot with 130 votes, awarded 100 bonus points.

Also while checking the vote logs, I see someone had difficulty with the vote system. Please remember to spell your minecraft username exactly the way it is in the game. Proper capitalization of each letter is also important.

  • 7 votes, for username jords12
  • 6 votes, for username Jords12

There is no one named jords12 so those points were not properly counted by the vote system. I am therefore giving 7 points to Jords12 to correct this. Please try to be more careful in the future.

Well the title says it all.

Sky Factory 3 has been updated to the release version, 3.0.8.  So update your packs before you log in the next time.

We have also finished our Beta testing and the pack is now available to all players on the network.

I have squashed every bug we have managed to find so far, but as always, please let us know if you come across anything new and I will do what I can to fix it ASAP.

Cosmic ranks have been added for both of our new servers, but keep in mind the perks are still being worked out on the new packs with 1.10. So some things still wont be reflected properly ingame til we get those fixed.

As always, thanks for supporting Andromeda.


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Vote Daily for Points to use in our Point Shop!

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  • serverpact.com
  • MC-Servers.com
  • hexxitservers.com
  • ftbservers.com
  • Minecraftservers.org
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  • Planet Minecraft
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Oh. Okay, thanks.
Hexxit needs java 7. We are using java 8 so it's refusing to work. We are trying to get it back up asap.
Oh ok. Just out of curiosity, can you elaborate on "Java?"
Hexxit is down due to java I believe. I think plaw is working on it.
Does anyone know hexxit is still down?
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